Dienstag, 4. Juni 2013

How to make an aikido-dojo happy: Inaguration seminar & party with Marc Bachraty, Technical Director of the Berlin School of Aikido (Aikidoschule Berlin)

When you start a new Aikido dojo, you hope that the proposal you are offering will touch a string in all persons and be of interest to a wide range of tastes. With this in mind the team of the "Berlin School of Aikido" (Aikidoschule Berlin) on last Friday, June 1st 2013, hosted an international aikido seminar held by its Technical Director Marc Bachraty, 5th dan Aikikai. The seminar was part of the opening celebrations of the newly founded "Center for Communication and Movement" where the "Aikidoschule Berlin Dojo" is located.

The inaugural Aikido seminar with Marc Bachraty, who is a direct student of Christian Tissier, 7th dan Aikikai Shihan from Paris, attracted aikidosists from all over Europe, who gathered at the "Aikidoschule Berlin" to enjoy an intense aikido seminar with an outstanding teacher of the "Christian Tissier Line" of Aikido and to celebrate the opening of the new "Berlin Aikido dojo" as a further member of the international community of aikido dojos.

Marc Bachraty Sensei at the innauguration of the Berlin School of AikidoSensei Bachraty, who is an acclaimed and demanded shooting star of the international Aikido world, was able to marvel his audience with a subtle and genuine mix of Aikido basics, which he explained largely through the comparative use of "Aiki weapons" and the combination of proper stance and body dynamics. A mixture of deep-level concentration and lots of sweat on the tatami were signs for the undivided attention of an audience who submerged itself completely into Bachraty's proposals.

On Saturday evening after the second session of the day, all seminar attendees joined Bachraty sensei, the staff of the "Aikidoschule Berlin" (Henryk von Pradow, Lydia Marti-Fleury and Catherine Boukhenter) as well as their friends and families to celebrate the occasion and the opening of the new dojo in Berlin.
The result of this was an inspiring Aikido weekend that culminated on Sunday morning after another vivid and demanding class with a first formal graduation ceremony for one of the staff members, Lydia Marti-Fleury, who was awarded the rank of "shodan" (1st degree black belt) of the "Aikikai Aikido Hombu Dojo World Headquarters" through the hand of her teacher, Marc Bachraty. - Finally a heart-felt and roaring round of applause for Marc Bachraty sensei marked the end of a delightful weekend, which established solid foundations of friendship attained through mutual work, dedication and peaceful cooperation between all the happy and tired aikidoists who attended the event and who got on their way back home, loaded with inspiring insights on the "peaceful martial way".

As Technical Director of the Berlin School of Aikdo, Marc Bachraty sensei is expected to return to Berlin on 2014 for the follow-up seminar, so "mark" your calendars and stay tuned, there is more to come!   

Freitag, 24. Mai 2013

Die Anfänge unserer Schule: Ehemalige Webseite des TU Aikido Sonntagstrainings

Sreenshot der ehemaligen Webseite des TU Aikido SonntagstrainingsObwohl der Anbieter von damals, geocities.com von Yahoo, schon seit einigen Jahren den Service eingestellt hat, gibt es die ehemalige Webseite des TU Aikido und gleichzeitige Webpräsenz des Sonntagstrainings noch als surfbares Museumsstück bei archive.org.

Schön, dass es auch in unserem digitalen Zeitalter ein "Regal mit verstaubten Schinken gibt", in dem man im Abstand von Jahrzehnten mal wieder schmökern kann. Witzig und interessant zu sehen, wie man sich und sein Aikido damals wahrgenommen hat.